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পুরষ্কার পেল বাংলাদেশের সফটওয়্যার ও প্রকল্প

Bangladesh’s software and projects received the award | Software | Project- Freelance Care

Bangladesh is making significant progress in the ICT sector, not to mention it. Not only Bangladesh but international corporation is…

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ফ্রিলাসিং| Freelancing


Over the years, the success of ICT in Bangladesh has particularly attracted attention. The rate at which the freelancing profession…

Freelancer বা মুক্তপেশাজীবী কারা?

Who are Freelancer? | Freelancer

There are many people in the world who are not socially or financially self-reliant. They do not want to live…

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ডোমেইন কি এবং কেন? (What is a domain and why?)

What is a domain? | Domain

Domain is a very familiar word to internet users. But there are many internet users who have heard the word…