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Covert Geo Targeter Pro:

Covert Geo Targeter Pro is an excellent plugin for WordPress theme users on the website. With this, you can easily upmarket. You can upload any type of text for the website. You can easily use the Covert Geo Targeter Pro plugin on all pages of the website including a homepage, category, all posts. It is easily available and can be installed quickly. Many have benefited from using Covert Geo Targeter Pro. Moreover, it is cheap!

Only $47.00!​


Would you like to use Geo-Target Pro?

Keep all kinds of statements in the writings!

⇒ Languages are the United Kingdom and the USA

⇒  Not a credit card at any time, they enter through Geo-Target


Other facilities-

Can bring a variety of advertising!

Automatically display ads on all your blog posts!


Covert Geo Targeter Pro plugin will give you more:

* Unlimited Geo Targeted Widget Ads!

* Adsense, Banner Ads, Optin Forms, Your Own HTML     – anything put in!

* Anywhere use on your blog!

* Create unlimited ad blocks for your posts and pages!

* Updates lifetime- Free!

Only $47

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