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Tee Inspector – Powerful Teespring research software :

What great news for those who design T-shirts!

Tee Inspector is a reliable and powerful Teespring research software for designing attractive T-shirts. You can easily design any type of T-Shirt using Tee Inspector. Shirts worth over $231,966.31 have been sold so far using Tee Inspector’s powerful Teespring research software!

Those who want to earn more online can use the Tee Inspector Teespring research software for free. Because with Tee Inspector Teespring research software you are not just a T-Shirt design; Logo design, graphics design, web design, etc. can be done very easily. Tee Inspector’s options for designing a very nice T-Shirt are easy to find.

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Tee Inspector – Powerful Teespring research software Including:

  • Extract teespring campaigns from teeview, google and Source code!
  • Sort by the top number of sales to quickly spot the winners!
  • Find marketing ads sending traffic to given teespring campaigns!
  • Quickly uncover hundreds of profitable t-shirt design ideas!
  • Export data to interactive reports you can sell on Fiverr!
  • Spy on the other teespring campaigns, daily sales data!
  • Search the massively popular product social network called for top trending design! 

Tee Inspector:

Tee Inspector -Powerful Teespring research software

Tee Inspector – Powerful Teespring research software :

✔ Hover Preview

✔ Campaigns Data Preview

✔ Search tool

✔ Data Archive Tool

✔ Logins and Bookmarks Tool

✔ Data Bank Tool

✔ Bitly Trackers Tool

✔ Facebook Code Tool

Training Video Course by a Top Teespring Seller :

(Tee Inspector -Powerful Teespring research software )

  • Module 1 – Research ( 11 videos )
  • Module 2 – Tee Designs ( 10 videos )
  • Module 3 – Teespring Campaigns       ( 4 videos )
  • Module 4 – Facebook Ads ( 6 videos )
  • Module 5 – Bulk Tee Case Study         ( $721.70 Profit )
  • Module 6 – Case Studies ( 8 videos )
  • Module 7 – Tips & Tricks ( 6 videos )

Tee Inspector -Powerful Teespring research software Bonus WordPress Plugin:

Run your own t-shirt contest and go viral, collect leads and boost your next Teespring campaign with socially powered contests inside your WordPress blog!

Socially viral contests :

If you wish, you can catapult your Teespring T-shirt sales into the socially-driven viral competition!

Combine the power of your WordPress blog and your Teespring campaigns to create an engaging contest that builds your list FAST and goes viral at the same time!


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