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Bangladesh is making significant progress in the ICT sector, not to mention it. Not only Bangladesh but international corporation is also recognizing it as well as recognizing awards.

On November 22, at the Diamond Palace in Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, the Asia-Pacific ICT Award for Asia’s Information and Communication Sector won six software and projects from Bangladesh’s entrepreneurial software and projects.

This year Bangladesh participated along with 12 projects from 6 different organizations and a 5-member delegation of the APICTAR Judiciary along with eight countries at the APICTA Awards on November 18-22 in Hong Kong, Vietnam.There were 5 projects won.

The winning projects are:

Sunflower Animal Services: Sunflower Animal Services is the animal service for the Sunflower Limited cattle insurance or insurance system.This year the project won the award in the Industrial Department.


Sunflower Animal Services. Pic-

PG Tracker: Bondstein’s PG Tracker is basically an IoT project. PG Tracker has been championed in the Technology category.

Bondstein’s invention will play a role in the use of portable generators (PGs) by monitoring technology and analyzing generator data in a more efficient and energy efficient way.

Win PG Tracker project. Pic- Alokiti vola

One Shop: Information and Communication Department project of the Government of Bangladesh is one shop. The implementation of Access to Information (AUTI) has been championed in the Consumer Marketplace and Retail category.

The project is working with the aim of bringing e-commerce of Bangladesh on a platform to reach e-commerce facilities at the end of the country.

One Shop project. Pic- samakal

Sigmind: The Intelligent Computer Vision Technology for Video Analytics has achieved a merit position in the Consumer (Marketplace) category by Sigmind’s Project Intelligent Computer Vision Technology for Video Analytics.

With the help of the Internet on the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, the system can collect information from video, basically video.

Sigmind takes top prize. Pic- bdpressrelease

Pride Cut: The PrideCut software project created by Prediss IT Ltd won the Merit Award in the Industrial Manufacturing and Supply Chain category.

The software can save the fabric of the garment industry’s cutting-edge field. Besides, Predisys IT Limited provides the software services needed to bring automation to various organizations.

The PrideCut software project. Pic- Prothom-Alo

CMED: CMED Digital Primary Healthcare Service Model Receives Merit Position in Inclusion (Health and Well Being) Category.

Cloud server is the mainstay of this healthcare system based on Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This platform monitors various types of healthcare services in a smart and digital way.

Digital Primary Healthcare Service

Embassy: Two projects have been selected for merit position in the Public Sector or Government and Citizens Service category. Project two is the National Database Center 1 and the Embassy App.

The National Database Center is working to provide immediate information to citizens on various issues.

Champion Bangladesh. Pic- cnewsvoice

(References: Prothom-alo)

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  1. Although freelancing as a career has gained in popularity over the last few years, thousands of Bangladesh’s young people are in need of proper training and government support to help them take advantage of this opportunity.

    The government should focus on turning unemployed young people into tech-savvy workers and engage them in IT-based freelancing. In this way, the government of Bangladesh can attain its goal of translating the vision of Digital Bangladesh into reality by focusing on human capital development for the global digital economy.

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