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Over the years, the success of ICT in Bangladesh has particularly attracted attention. The rate at which the freelancing profession is growing in Bangladesh; Needless to say, the future of this profession is certainly optimistic. The ICT department of the Government of Bangladesh continues to play a vital role in this success. Realizing the future of the freelancing profession, the present government has taken various programs to motivate everyone in the freelancing profession online.

The various programs adopted by the government include:

Android Apps Development Training in MOLCT Initiative: How to Build Android Mobile Apps with this Training; Detailed training is provided in the pen.

Learning and Earning Training: Through this training, various digital works are taught by the Information and Communication, Ministry of Technology and self-reliant Bangladesh initiative. For example, web design, graphic design, SEO and many different types of digital work. This makes it easy for anyone to freelance.

How the IT department of the Government of Bangladesh works for free training and directly online at different times throughout the country for different periods; He gives a perfect idea about it. Therefore, new beginners can easily learn these tasks by taking these trainings. Because, among newcomers, one question often works out is what to learn and how to work? They should first learn what works for freelancing online and think about how to be efficient and work-oriented.


  1. Depending on your expertise and experience in the freelancing marketplace you can get different jobs. Depending on what work you do, what type of work you feel comfortable with and what your needs are in the marketplace. Always try to balance these two things. The rate is determined by how complex your job is, how long it takes to complete it, and the experience.

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