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ডোমেইন কি এবং কেন? (What is a domain and why?)

Domain is a very familiar word to internet users. But there are many internet users who have heard the word domain many times, but they have no idea about it. There are many who heard the word domain in the face of others but could not understand the effectiveness and application of it. Today’s writing is for those who have no idea about the domain.

Domain is an English word (Domain); The word domain is usually used widely in the Internet world. Domain is basically the name of a website. Each organization also has a specific name and registration number. But the main difference between a person’s name and an organization’s name is that when we hear or write a person’s name and card number, we do not know anything about that person’s behaviour. , What kind of organization and activities are it!

Such as Coca-Cola, Bata, Grameenphone, BUET, BD Foots, Walton, etc.

When we hear the names of such organizations we can easily understand what kind of organization or services they provide. But now the question is how do I contact those organizations or how do I find them? That is the domain by which people can find the website is the domain. Because each website has a specific IP address. Ex: But the problem is, remembering such an IP address can be a daunting task. That’s why domain names are used to make those IP addresses easier to remember.

The domain name is not only the name of each website but the domain name is used to identify one or more computers on the Internet. In other words, the name you want to name or the domain of your choice; Everyone will recognize and access your website by that name. The domain name will uniquely identify your website.

Again, those who have a little idea about the domain and the website, they usually understand .com at the end of the website. This is not correct either. Create a website based on what you or the customer does; That is, domain extensions are used depending on the purpose.

For example:

>> .edu Extension is used for educational institutions. (https://blcollege.edu.bd/)

>> .gov Extensions are used for government or state institutions. (http://www.railway.gov.bd/)

>> .info Extension is used for information or information sites. (http://www.bangladesh.info/)

>> .net) Extension is used for networking sites. (https://www.audioplus.net/)

>> .org Extension is used for occurrence or organization sites. (https://www.banglapedia.org/)

>> .com Extension is used for business and general purposes. (https://www.searsit.com/)

There are also various extensions being added or adapted to suit the needs of the users according to the era and changes of the time. If you wish, you can also select the Targeted Niche Select or the defined extensions without setting your desired goals. .club; .shop; .design; .service; .cat etc.

Now the question is, how do you get or buy a domain?

You can buy a domain with a hosting pack or buy a domain only. Many companies on the Earth sell domain. There have also been domain sales companies in Bangladesh. There are different pricing options for the domain depending on security, stability and tenure.

For your convenience, I am giving links to some popular domain companies. If you need a domain, you can visit these sites.

>> www.godaddy.com
>> www.Bluehost.com
>> www.Namecheap.com
>> www.thenhost.com
>> www.LateNightBirds.com
>> www.NShamimPRO.com
>> www.Domain.com
>> www.quarespace.com
>> www.wix.com
>> www.site123.com
>> www.webflow.com
>> www.jimdo.com
>> www.voog.com
>> www.weebly.com
>> www.web.com
>> www.strikingly.com


  1. Every man has a name. This name carries his identity. Domain names are very much like human names. The difference between the domain name and the human name is that the human name is not unique, that is, one name has multiple people. But the domain name is completely unique, there is no other domain in the world, you can just look at the mobile number as an example, as your phone number does not match any other number.

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